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Escape the Hectic Gaming Conference Atmosphere

When you attend a major gaming conference or pitch meeting you often end up staying at a facility set aside by conference organizers.  While it’s cool that all attendees are concentrated in a central location, sometimes the price doesn’t justify the convenience.  However, the rates to stay at that location are often high.  And the very concentration of activities there can be detrimental if you prefer to stay away from the daily grind of last minute meetings, dull happy hour ice breakers, or if you like to spend time alone to practice your pitch.  For example, if you are working on a proposal, a software design or a major modification to a game you might prefer a place where you can do creative thinking away from the hustle and bustle of meetings and activities.

One strategy you might use is to book yourself into a nearby Motel 6 facility that’s within easy distance of your conference but away from all the extraneous activity that regularly accompanies the event.  Motel 6 offers the lowest rates of any major motel chain in the country.  They have special senior rates and military discounts.  If you need the comforts of a homey atmosphere you can participate in their Studio 6: Extended Stay program.  And customers can take advantage of their Groupon promo codes and coupons in order to get discounts that can make the low cost of a stay at a Motel 6 franchise even more affordable and economical for the customer.  Indeed, if you are traveling on per diem, you might manage to save your employer or business a significant amount.  And many employers will go out of their way to see that any savings an employee finds for them is directly returned in terms of bonuses or merit raises.

More importantly, members of the Motel 6’s My6 program can get faster room bookings at preferred rates, something that may be a major concern when preparing to attend a major conference or meeting.  Taking advantage of this can benefit both you as well as your employer.  Indeed, conference organizers may encourage their attendees to use Groupon coupons when making room arrangements.   Such benefits make it worth your while to consider Motel 6 when planning for your next gaming convention, conference or winning pitch.